Your mind EMPOWERED. Your health OPTIMIZED.

Created from over 11 years of private practice in functional medicine, these courses are science-based, offering experiential healing and designed to empower, inspire and gain control of your health. Your body heals as a unit, addressing the nutritional, emotional and physical. It’s that simple. With my unique whole-body approach, you’re bound to feel more balanced, radiantly content and at peace.

Functional Medicine

What would it feel like to have a happy and energetic life?

Functional medicine is the epitome of whole body healing by looking for and addressing the underlying root cause of your symptoms. With this new paradigm, my main goal and mission is to empower my patients to discover their own potential and unlock what’s limiting them. Through working with me, you will gain control of your health, listen to the cues of your body, and become your happiest, most energetic self for ultimate longevity and a fulfilling life.

Patient Stories

Clients who have benefited from transformative health with Dr. Wibbenmeyer

Charity R.

Intuitive Hair Stylist

Suffering from depression with toxicity in my life, I knew if I went to a different doctor, all they’d do is prescribe me an antidepressant, but I wanted to discover the root cause. What I love is he listens! The emotional support was essential for me to shed my weight and lift my depression. My journey taught me how to eat healthy and what’s right for me, and how to properly address my emotional health.

Shannon S.

Registered Nurse, Mom and Dental Clinical Director

After going from doctor to doctor, getting prescribed medications that didn’t help, I was left extremely frustrated and lost. My friend referred me to Dr. Wibbenmeyer -- a life changing experience. I have more energy, my acne is cleared and it’s the best I’ve felt in years! This is why I choose functional medicine and continue to partner with Dr. W for my family and my health goals.

Melissa N.

Boutique owner & Entrepreneur

Dr. Wibbenmeyer is the real deal! I always feel comfortable and safe being honest while sharing my health concerns with no fear of judgement! I absolutely love his mind-body connection to health and vitality.

Melanie A.

Certified Financial Planner

I was feeling stressed with suspected hormone issues and just felt “off.” Dr. Wibbenmeyer has helped me recognize my emotional stressors and their significant impact on my health. My experience has made me stronger in my health, emotionally and physically. I’ve learned the better I feel, the greater impact I have on the world.

Claire B.

Videographer & Photographer

Both my husband and I see Dr. Wibbenmeyer. He is thorough, kind and does not dismiss us, as we have experienced with other doctors. We both truly value his approach that we know improves the quality of our lives. Both myself and my husband run small businesses, which require 100%, 24/7. We are an active couple, and staying healthy is important because our clients deserve the best we can give, and we've learned that not being our best will inevitably translate to not giving our best, which neither of us can afford to do!

Shannon G.

Digital Designer for Financial Advisors

Being diagnosed with PCOS and Hashimoto’s, the answer was birth control and synthroid, indefinitely. That didn’t sit well with me. But after working with Dr. Wibbenmeyer to address my overall health, my digestive issues are a thing of the past, my acne is gone, my blood sugar stabilized and most importantly, I was able to get pregnant!

Kathleen L.

Real Estate Agent

Using functional medicine, I feel healthy and empowered, which has made it easy to keep a health-centered focus. I love the preventative mindset rather than reactive care. Dr. Wibbenmeyer’s approach just speaks to me, because I believe we have the ability to naturally heal ourselves.

Brenda W.

Consultant for Education Reform

This is my family’s and my healthcare. I LOVE the holistic approach and connection of emotional wellbeing and our physical health. It’s amazing to witness how my health has impacted and opened up so many opportunities for my own growth, personally and professionally.